The Day.

The wedding will be a short, informal ceremony at 5pm, taking place (weather permitting) in the garden of Kingswood Prep School. Guests may either arrive shortly prior to this at the school itself, or meet in the Hare & Hounds Pub, located a 10 minute walk from the school on Lansdown Road, where the groom will be fortifying himself from about 4pm. Those who wish to help him steady his nerves before walking down to the ceremony would be very welcome.


There is parking at Kingswood for 35 vehicles. Unless you have a designated driver for the evening, however, it is probably easier to get a taxi from your accommodation to the pub/school. From the city centre it shouldn’t cost much more than £5-£10 depending on exactly where you’re located.


Speeches will precede the meal, which should start about 7pm. If anyone has food-related allergies that we should know about then please let us know.


The evening will finish about 12pm – city centre is either a 20 minute downhill walk, or a short taxi ride from the venue.


Wedding List

We both realise how expensive travel/accommodation/hats for weddings can be - especially when you chose to get married in a tourist city like Bath. In light of both this and the fact that we already have more than the full compliment of towels etc, we have decided not to have a wedding list, and respectfully ask guests to please accord with our wishes by not buying us anything.


If, however, anyone feels that they absolutely must buy us something, a bottle of malt whisky (labelled with your names so we know who to toast to when we’re drinking it) would be more than ample. But, please, nothing else.



Be aware that some of the hotels/B&Bs may not let you book a single weekend night. Bath hotels also tend to book out quickly for weekends, so early booking is advised.


Holiday Inn –  £59+ West Central Bath

Travelodge -  £75 Central Bath

Menzies Waterside Hotel -  £65+ South Central Bath (five minute walk to the centre of Bath)

Edgar Hotel -  £60+  Central Bath

Brocks Guest House - £74+ Central Bath

Georges Hotel - £85+

Redcar Hotel - £85 Central Bath

Marlborough House – - £95 Central Bath

Haringtons Hotel –  £118 Central Bath

Abbey Hotel -  Central Bath

Lansdown Grove Hotel -  North Bath, 10 minute walk to central Bath


There are lots of B&B’s and Guesthouses on Newbridge Road (5 minute drive to central Bath) Pulteney Gardens (5minute walk to central Bath) and Crescent Gardens (3 minutes walk).


Trip Advisor  has a list of 84 guest houses and ratings for them: click here.


Bath tourist website: has lists of B&B’s and Hotels in Bath plus prices. also has some good deals for accommodation in Bath.



A1 Taxis        01225 444777

Abbey Taxis  01225 444446

Bath Taxis     01225 484488

Fleet Taxis    01225 446677

Orange Grove Taxis 01225 447777